英会話 過去に起きた思い出話のスピーチ文

【Story happened in my past“My Dear Mistuko”】


I’ll speech about “ My Dear Mitsuko”

It’s a story about ten years ago. Mitsuko was the member of my family. My family has still remembered her existence. She was so young and only 3 years old. She was very smaller than any children, but she had a lot of curiosity and appetite. My family always cherished her. In my neighborhood, she was a popular existence like an oasis that clears the atmosphere.

I often went to the grass and the park with her. Then we chased each other and played in the sand. When I called her, she replied with a cute voice and then she came close to me. She couldn’t speak Japanese at all, but we could communicate with each other.

One day in the evening, Mitsuko was taken to somewhere by a suspicious character. Next day in the morning, I saw that her room was messy and scattered a lot of bloods, so I suddenly noticed that it was the case of murder, and called the police 110.But there was no clue in her room. She was still missing in spite of their hard search in this day. A few days later, we finally got information about it. The murder suspect has lived in a house which 1.5km away from my home for many years. He has so kindly face, but his personality is so bad. It is said that he often cause a trouble. The police forced to search in his room and found her dead. So they were sure that The murder is him, but they couldn’t arrest him. It is because the murder is a cat. The killed Mitsuko is hamster.

I have never forgot this sad case. The dear hamster ” Mitsuko ” died, but the memories has remained forever. In the end, I show you the hamster “Mitsuko” [Show the pic]

Thank you for listening to my speech.